Welcome to Texas Haunts 2017, bringing you news and reviews of Texas haunted houses. We are based in the DFW area, but we list haunted attractions from all over Texas and surrounding states. Scores are on a 1-10 scale. Please click on the haunted house links for information about dates of operation, prices, location, and directions. Thanks for visiting and please come again soon!

Reviews of Texas haunted houses and Halloween theme parks

Opening dates for haunts

Open All Year
Haunted Mayfield Manor
Ripley's Haunted Adventure

September 15
Scream Hollow 7pm-Midnight

Cutting Edge 8pm-10pm
​Fearphobia 7pm-Midnight

September 16
The Mortuary 7pm-10pm

September 22
Dan's Haunted House 8pm-11pm
Hangman's House of Horrors 8pm-Midnight
13th Gate 6:30pm-11:30pm
Creepy Hollow Haunted House 7pm-Midnight
Dark Hour 7pm - Midnight
Screamworld Hours 8pm-Midnight
​House of Torment 7:30pm-11pm

​3Haunts Haunted House 8pm-11pm
​13th Floor 7pm-10pm
​Tayman Graveyard Hours 8pm-11pm

September 23
Moxley Manor 8pm-11pm
Graystone Haunted Manor 7pm-10pm

September 29

Nightmare on the Bayou 7pm-11pm
Nightmare on 19th Street 7:30pm-11:30pm
The Sanctuary 8pm-11pm
Rise Haunted 7pm-10:30pm
Terror Trail Canutillo 7:30pm-11:30pm
Dark Path Haunt 8pm-midnight
Doc Wilkes 7:30pm-midnight
​Screams 7:30pm-1:30am  Box office closes at midnight.
Kingwood Asylum 7pm-Midnight
​Waco Haunted House 8pm-11pm
​Fearshire Farms Dark 'til Midnight
​Tree Farm Massacre 7pm-Midnight
Haunted Trails Houston 8pm-midnight
The Blackness Haunted House Hours 7pm-Midnight
Defcon 1 Haunted House Hours 7pm-Midnight
Nightmare on Main Street 7:30pm-10pm
Redrum Haunted House 7pm-midnight

September 30
Parker House 7-midnight

Haunted Shadows Lake Trail 7:45pm-Midnight
The Nefandous Haunted Attraction 7:30pm-11:30pm
Nightmare in the Country 7:30pm-10:30pm

​​Phobia 8pm-midnight​​
Amarillo Scaregrounds 7pm-Midnight
​Houston Terrordome 8pm-Midnight
​Terror Trails Dark 'til Midnight
​Dungeon of Doom 6pm-9pm
​6th Street Massacre Hour 7pm-Midnight
​Hex House 7:30pm-11pm

October 5
​Houston Screamfest 8pm-10:30pm

October 6

Psycho Path Haunted House 7pm-11pm
Rotting Flesh Factory 7:30pm-10:30pm
Thrillvania 8pm-11pm
Zombie Safari Opens at 7pm, no closing time posted.
Texas Maze of Terror 8pm-10:30pm
Van Buren Frightmare 7pm-Midnight
Evil Visions Haunted 7pm-midnight
Rotting Flesh Factory 7:30pm-10:30pm​
​Texas Scaregrounds 7:30pm-Midnight
​Thrillvania 8pm-11pm
​Creekside Manor from Dark 'til Midnight
​Afterlife 8pm-Midnight


October 7
​Halls of Horror "Dark till Late"

October 13
​J&F House of Terror 8:30pm-Midnight (or when line dies down)


Haunted Mayfield Manor Galveston Hours Vary, Check Site
Terror on the Plaza San Antonio  Hours Vary By Season, Check Site

Cutting Edge Ft Worth  8pm-10pm
Screamworld Houston  8:30pm-Midnight
Tayman Graveyard Midlothian 8pm to 11pm.

Parker House Denton  8pm-11pm
The Mortuary New Orleans  6:30pm-10:30pm
Hex House Tulsa  7pm-11pm

House of Torment  Austin  7:30pm-11pm
13th Floor San Antonio  7pm-10pm
Texas Scare Grounds Alvarado  7:30pm-Midnight
Dan’s Haunted House Lake Dallas  8pm-11pm
13th Gate Baton Rouge  6:30pm-11:30pm
The Boneyard Arlington  7pm-Midnight
Creepy Hollow Haunted House Rosharon  7pm-Midnight
Moxley Manor Bedford 8pm-11pm.

Dark Hour Haunted House 7pm - 12am

Fearaphobia Bridgeport 7pm - 12am

Phobia  Houston  8pm-Midnight
Rise Haunted House Hammond, LA 7pm to 10:30pm.

The Sanctuary Oklahoma City  8pm-11pm
Heartstoppers Fright Shepherd  8pm-11pm
Terror Mansion San Antonio  7pm-10pm
Terror Nights Tyler  7pm-Midnight
Nightmare on the Bayou Houston  7pm-11pm
Tree Farm Massacre Leesville  7pm-Midnight
Haunted Trails Houston  8pm-Midnight
Fearshire Farms Angleton  7pm-11:30pm
Nightmare on 19th Street Lubbock  7:30pm-11:30pm
Rotting Flesh Factory Harlingen  7:30pm-10pm
The Blackness Haunted House Plainview  7:30-Midnight
Redrum Haunted House Richmond  7pm-Midnight
Amarillo Scaregrounds Amarillo  7:30-10pm
Screams Waxahachie  7:30pm-1:30am
Haunted Shadows Lake Trail The Colony  7:45pm-Midnight
Terror Trail Canutillo  7:30pm-Midnight
The 13th Ward Broken Arrow  7:30pm-11pm
Evil Visions Haunted House Monroe   7pm-Midnight
Outpost 58 Dewey  7:30pm-11:30pm
Houston TerrorDome Houston  8pm-Midnight
The Crypt Farmersville  7:30pm-11:30pm
Psycho Path Haunt Sperry, OK 6pm to 11pm
Van Buren Frightmare Amarillo 7pm to midnight.
Graystone Manor Longview 7pm-midnight.
​J & F House of Terror Meets Slaughter House Garland 8pm - 1:00am

6th Street Massacre Amarillo 7pm - 12am

Nightmare on Main Street Vernon 7:30pm - 10pm 

Waco Haunted House​ 8pm - 12am

Thrillvania Terrell  8pm-11pm
Halls of Horror Lubbock  “Dark to Late”
Dam B Haunted Village Vidor  7:30pm-Midnight
Jefferson Fright Train Jefferson  The Festival opens at 6pm, first train ride at 7pm
Nightmare in the Country Woodward, OK opening October 1 from 8pm-10:30pm.
Terror Trails Yantis October 1. No hours listed.
Frightmares Seven Points October 1 from 8pm to 11pm.

​Creekside Manor Midlothian dusk til' midnight

​Zombie Safari Forney 7pm - ?

​Dark Path Haunt Denton 8pm - 12am

Afterlife Blossom 8pm - 12am