Reviews of Texas haunted houses and Halloween theme parks


​​Terror Nights
October 21, 2016

Location 816 E Oakwood St Tyler TX 75702
Phone 903 312 6109
Price-$20 general admission, $$25 for a fast pass. Free parking.
Dates and hours of operation-Thursday October 27 and Sunday October 30 from 7pm-10:30pm. Friday, October 28, Saturday, Oct 29, and Halloween from 7pm-midnight.
Number of Attractions-2, Chistletooth Manor and The Toy Factory (3D funhouse).
Walk through time-20 minutes combined.
Other activities-Concession stand, zombie and character caricatures, fortune teller, roaming actors.
What to know-children need to be 10 and up.

Terror Nights is the largest haunted attraction in Tyler and is one of the largest in East Texas. It features two haunted houses, Chistletooth Manor, the main house, and The Toy Room, the 3D funhouse. There is a festival area outside with a concession stand, fortune teller, a caricaturist who specializes in zombie caricatures, plus roaming actors. Terror Nights was built from an old pipe factory that burned down, and is located in an area with old factories and warehouses, so there is a built in creepy atmosphere to the place. The area Terror Nights is located in is so dark at night that you'll be in the right mood for a haunted house by the time you arrive.
Once you park you will see the festival area and ticket line. Up to ten costumed actors roam around the festival area, music is on, and there is plenty of energy in the place. We liked the layout of the festival area, it's compact enough so that the actors can spend time with all of the customers, while customers get to see people being chased out of the haunted houses by chainsaw wielding actors. The fortune teller and caricaturist add to the Halloween feel of the festival.
Chistletooth Manor is the larger and more frightening of the two main attractions. The Manor features a large animatronic to greet you as you enter the house, an authentic boiler room that could also be a crematorium, a library with an actor swinging around the room on a rope, dark, well decorated hallways, a maze at the end with two chainsaws blaring as you try to find your way, and much more! The music is great, with a soundtrack picked out by the owners. It's nice when music accentuates the rest of the haunt, rather than acting as a distraction.
Actors in Chistletooth were great at startling us, they were well placed, very active, and never broke character. In fact, none of the actors at Terror Nights broke character, even when they realized we were reviewers. Chistletooth is a great looking haunt, the decor is rustic, and you can see how a Texas Chainsaw type family could live there.Something that we all liked was that there were no blank spaces in the house, everything was decorated. The people who work at Terror Nights clearly care a great deal about the place because that level of detail takes a great deal of time to build and maintain. Both Chistletooth and the Toy Factory are well designed, and both feature many exits for people who become too frightened or fatigued. Neither house has annoying things like water splashing on you, or actors who just stand in your way to irritate you. Our favorite part of Chistletooth was the maze at the end with two actors who came at us with chainsaws. The maze was well designed and having two chainsaws around the whole time made it intense.
The Toy Factory is the only 3D funhouse in East Texas. The factory begins with a very dark maze (I was lost for a minute) and then turns into a neon paint decorated clown house. Clowns are everywhere, so if you have a clown phobia, watch out. The Factory is fun, but it isn't as scary or as intense as Chistletooth, so it's a house for the entire family. The 3D effects are great and, as with Chistletooth, there are no blank spaces in the Factory. Actors move you along at a brisk rate and the lack of peripheral vision (caused by the 3D glasses) intensifies the experience.

October 15, 2016

Location 2330 Co Rd 138 Terrell, TX 75161
Phone 972-428-9653
Price- Onsite price for general admission is $29.99. Onsite price for a speedpass is $44.99. Online price for general admission is $32.99, $47.99 for the speedpass. If purchased online, add $3.95 for a processing fee, per ticket. Add tax for all tickets. Group discounts are available for groups of 15 or more and are only available online. General admission group ticket price is $25.49, plus tax and a $1.95 service fee. The group speedpass is $38.49, plus tax, and a $1.95 service fee. Combo tickets with Cutting Edge are available, $49.99 for general admission, $69.99 for speedpasses. Add tax plus a $3.95 service fee for online tickets. $5 parking.

Dates and hours of operation-Fridays and Saturdays in October from 8pm-midnight, October 30 from 8pm-10pm, Halloween from 8pm-midnight.
Number of attractions-3, Verdun Manor, Cassandra's House of Clowns, Sam Hain's Trail of Torment.
Combined walk through time-30-40 minutes.
Other activities-concession stand.
What to know-Wear comfortable shoes with a good grip. 

This was my first trip to Thrillvania since 2013 and much has changed. The entrance to the park itself is different, with a pumpkin patch ($5 per pumpkin) on the way into the park. Instead of a winding walk through the swamp to Verdun Manor, you enter directly in front of the Manor, to a view previously unseen. The front entrance to the Verdun graveyard has a majestic view of the Manor and the swamp trail comes later in the haunt.
Once you enter the Manor actors are on you much sooner than in the old days. Each room has at least one well costumed actor, but the rooms themselves are the main attraction in Verdun. The first few rooms are beautifully decorated in Old West haunted Gothic style. It looks like you are progressing through a house, with an entry room, a dining room, parlor, den, library, crypt, and a slaughterhouse at various points in the Manor. Additionally, the Manor has a laboratory, catacombs, a hall of mirrors, stairwells, and much more. You'll want to spend time looking at the decor in Verdun, but watch out for the actors because they will sneak up on you while you're distracted.
New to me was the detour (close to the beginning of the Manor) outside to the swamp trail, which takes you in a circle back to the Manor. The swamp trail has actors, props, and shacks of it's own, plus a bridge over a moat. This used to be called Voodoo Bayou and at one time was an attraction of it's own. This trail is still lots of fun and adds a new dimension to the Manor.
Cassandra's House of Clowns begins with a much darker entrance than in previous years. It's a little difficult to see while wearing 3D glasses (this is a large 3D funhouse) but that adds something to the fright level. The clowns themselves do a fantastic job of startling customers. There are plenty of good hiding places in Cassandra's, and the 3D glasses limit peripheral vision, so the clowns really do seem to come out of nowhere. There are some great looking effects in Cassandra's, my favorite being the green laser hallway. The clowns probably have the most fun in an area with bars for them to climb and hang onto, and there were a couple of areas dark enough to require feeling on the walls to get out of. Cassandra's remains a first rate attraction and is still the best funhouse around.
Sam Hain's Trail of Terror is the final destination in Thrillvania, and it's exit leads directly to the parking lot, so be sure to finish with everything else before going to Hain's. This is one of the longer haunted trails around and has actors by the trail, and inside three houses along the trail. A general store, Mama's House, and a heavily fogged house make Hain's more frightening than most walking trails at haunt parks. The fog house has so much fog that it is difficult to find the way out. I had to feel the walls and the actor inside still had to help me find the exit. That house is small, but was as frightening as anything I've been through this year. The weather should be just right for Sam Hain's trail for the rest of the season, so enjoy your trip through.
In addition to the main attractions, a concession stand with carnival staples (the corn dog and Frito pie are my favorites) is located in the midway section of Thrillvania. Thrillvania is a great place to take a date or the family so be sure to visit, and remember that Halloween is fast approaching, so see Thrillvania while you can!

Texas Scaregrounds
October 8, 2016
Score 9.5

Phone 817-819-6773
Location 7829 E FM 917 Alvarado TX 76009
Price $20, $1 off with food donation. Group discounts for 10 or more people-$17 per ticket. In person ticket sales only, no online sales.
Dates and hours of operation-Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7:30-midnight. October 30 from 7:30-10 and Halloween from 7:30-11.

Texas Scaregrounds is a mile west of 1-35W in Alvarado, but it feels deep in the country at night as you approach it on the old farm road. You actually pass a street called Forgotten Lane just before you get to the Scaregrounds. Something we noticed immediately was that the Scaregrounds reminded us of the haunted houses we grew up with in the late 80's and 90's, with a rustic look, a bonfire, and a concession stand to the side of the haunted house. By the time you park the mood is already set.
Speaking of concessions, I had a great brisket sandwich while waiting for tickets. Their brisket is some of the best I've had, and I'm picky about barbecue. The sauce was great too. They also have very good Frito pies, and a selection of other carnival staples. I was told that the concession stand is open year round, so check it out if you are in the area.
Texas Scaregrounds also has a psychic most of the time, but she was out with an injury when we reviewed. You'll probably see Chaos the Haunt Dog walking around with his human while you're there, and I think that this is the first time that I've seen a haunted house with it's own dog.
Chaos is the name of the haunted house itself, and the walk through time is surprisingly long. We probably made it through in 20 minutes, but 25-30 minutes is probably the normal amount of time customers will spend inside. Most of the rooms in the haunt are mini mazes with exits that are difficult to find, and all rooms have actors inside to make it even more difficult to find the exit. Chaos has more actors than haunted houses twice it's size and the actors are as good as any I've seen. Many haunted house actors make the mistake of not knowing the difference between irritating customers by blocking their path, or getting in their face, and actually scaring them. At Chaos the actors rely on timing, misdirection, and using their surroundings to frighten customers. Some veteran Chaos actors are allowed to touch customers, which is something that I haven't experienced since Tayman Manor is the early '00s. They are subtle about touching, nothing obnoxious about it, and they do a great job of creeping you out. The actors also know when it's time to show you the exit if you really can't find your way out of a room, and that happened to us a couple of times. As well decorated and designed as Chaos is, the actors are the best part of it.
Chaos is designed to maximize space in a mid-sized building, so in addition to maze like rooms, the corridors are narrow and winding. Lighting is dim, the place is well decorated, and the design allows actors access to you from all directions at once.  The outstanding costume design and make up should also be mentioned, and both remain consistent throughout the house.
Chaos is made to look like an old country haunted house in many areas and features haunted house staples like clown rooms, a dungeon and torture chamber, and chainsaws, and the actors make everything special for the customers. It isn't easy to startle us, but the actors got us a few times. Teamwork seems to be important to the cast and it's not unusual for one actor to distract you by doing something obvious while another comes at you from a blind spot. They are also big on coming after you from the ground and from overhead, so you can never be sure where the actors will pop out.
This was our first time at this location of Texas Scaregrounds and it's head and shoulders better than their old locations. They aren't far from downtown Ft Worth, and we made it there from Dallas in about 40 minutes. As more haunted attractions move to the outskirts of the Metroplex, Texas Scaregrounds becomes more convenient. They are definitely worth the drive and are a must see haunted house for 2016!

Cutting Edge

October 8th, 2016

Score: 10


Location: 1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817) 348-8444


A Blue chip haunted house and around since 1992, Cutting Edge

never fails to disappoint. It is one of the few houses in North Texas that is so well

put together that it does not require multiple haunts to get the point across.

You are looking at about a 35 to 40 minute walk through, so get ready for

constant scare.

Once inside you are greeted with mazes of hauls and walls where it is impossible to tell the difference between what's a statue and what's a live spook. Some of the new statues are hand operated and follow right up to you.

This year featured many new rooms including an Ice King room that was a fridged

snow wonderland. There was also an ancient Aztec Forest complete with live Aztecs with evil axes to grind. A house inside the haunt was designed as a forever collapsing house that crushed as you walked t through it. We also found a house that shook entirely and moved up and down as  you walked through with violent winds that simulated a tornado.

Among other items of interest  were a New Orleans themed grave yard complete with angels and demons, mazes with secret doors,  a children of the corn house, and a funeral parlor featuring a giant bear ready to attack you!

One thing that keep the walk through from bunching up are the two areas that feature live music which allows the line to break up. Also returning this year was the Maze of terror where you have 5 minutes to find your way out or else!    

October 7, 2016
Location 2511 FM 66, Waxahachie TX 75167. Take exit 399A from I-35.

Phone-972 938 3247
Price-$30 regular admission at the park, $27 online, plus a $1 fee for an online purchase. The fast pass is $15 at the park. Add a $1 fee for a fast pass purchased online. Purchase tickets on the Screams site or at the Screams ticket booth.
If you don’t want to wait in line, go through the attractions first, then eat and drink. A fast pass is available for $15, and will get you through the attractions quickly. Group discounts, with $25 tickets, are available for groups of 15 or more, and must be purchased online. A $50 for two coupon is available at all DFW Metro PCS stores. $2 off coupons are available at the Waxahachie Autoplex. Active military personnel receive a $3 discount for themselves and up to four family members, upon showing valid military ID. Children 5 and under get in for free. Parking is free.

Dates and Times Open-Each Friday and Saturday in October, from 7:30 pm-1:30 am, with ticket sales ending at midnight. Arrive early to get a good spot in line, especially on Saturdays, and go to the Castle first. The Castle has the longest lines later in the evening. My routine is to go to the Castle first, the Hotel second, the 3D house third, the Maze fourth, and the Zombie Wasteland last. 

Screams is a multi attraction haunt park located on the grounds of Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie. There are five main attractions this year, Castle of the Doomed, Hotel of Horror, CarnEvil Maze, 3D Pirates of Peril Point, and the all new Zombie Wasteland. Additional attractions include Scary-oke and live music on the main stage. Screams features a wide variety of food and drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) at concessions stands, as well as a full service restaurant and bar, the Full Moon Cafe. 
Number of main attractions-5 

Walk through time for main attractions, not including the maze, 25-30 minutes. 
Miscellaneous-Wear comfortable shoes. Screams is mostly outdoors and you will do a lot of walking on dirt and gravel, and it won’t always be even ground. This is not the place for high heels. Dress warmly on cool nights, the temperature is usually a few degrees cooler at Screams than in Dallas. Do not wear costumes. Costumes are prohibited for customers at Screams for security reasons. Screams is mostly handicapped accessible. 

Castle of the Doomed
This is the largest attraction at Screams. The Castle is a long, dark trek through corridors filled with fog, strobe lights, and skilled actors who seem to pop up over and over. With flames blazing overhead, the entrance to the Castle sets the mood and actors waste no time going to work on your group. The atmosphere in the Castle is great, with dark, eerie lighting and decayed walls. Scenes of experiments gone wrong and dungeons follow, and the inhabitants are always in front of you, and behind you. Years of work have gone into the props and decor in the Castle, so try to take your time as you go through to appreciate it. Of course, you’ll be setting yourself up as an easy target for the actors if you do so, but that’s part of the fun. 

Hotel of Horror
The Hotel is more of an old school haunted house. It’s entrance is just up the hill from the exit of Castle of the Doomed, making it convenient to see before heading to the other side of the park. Actors get started immediately after you enter and go all out until you exit. These are probably the most energetic actors at Screams. The action is non-stop, and the setting is the creepiest of all the attractions. The Hotel is well decorated, and it has some interesting animatronic pieces and pop out creatures. The lighting seems different this year, along with the music, making the experience more intense. One thing I really like about the actors in the Hotel is that they fixate on the most frightened members of the group, which makes the experience more fun for everyone. In terms of fright, this is probably the best of the attractions. 
3D Pirates at Peril Point
3D Pirates of Peril Point is on the other side of the park, and you’ll be able to find it easily enough since it’s wall is covered in neon paint. The wait here can be pretty long later in the evening, so seeing it after the Hotel is a good idea. This is a pirate themed funhouse, complete with uneven, rocking wooden floor beams, vibrating floors, hallways full of moving props, and, of course, lots of 3D painted props. There are also a fair number of actors in Peril Point, and they do a great job of mixing in with life size props. The 3D glasses obscure most of your peripheral vision, which makes your group an easy target for actors moving in and out of hiding places and hidden doors. The laser and fog water illusion was working perfectly. It’s a cool looking illusion that makes it look like you’re walking through waist high water. This was my most enjoyable trip through a funhouse in a long time. 

CarnEvil Clown Maze 
Located on the far side of the park, next to Pirate Point, the Maze is good to go through after the 3D house. The line for the Maze usually isn’t as long as the other attractions, so you can save it for next to last. If you are afraid of clowns, this place will scare the hell out of you because it is nothing but clowns. The Maze has been redesigned this year to make it even more difficult to get out of. I’ve never been good at mazes, so it was never easy for me. I would say that it can take up to 20 minutes to find the way out. Try to use surrounding buildings as a reference point and maybe you’ll be able to shave a few minutes off of the typical time for this maze. 

Zombie Wasteland
The all new Zombie Wasteland is in the back of the park, close to the food court. This is my favorite attraction at Screams, partly because I love trails, but also because it is the best decorated attraction. The Wasteland makes use of the Scarborough buildings and creates it’s path in and around them to make the creepiest trail I’ve seen in years. The Wasteland actors are great at finding hiding spots (some hide in plain sight) and, despite having a lot of ground to cover, are able to scare each group several times.  
Other Attractions/Activities (for an additional fee) 
Climbing Tower, Henna Tattoos, Wax Hands, Hot Seat Extreme, Games of Skill Psychic and Tarot Card Readings. Various theme-related retail booths on Vendor Row 

Acting has been the greatest area of improvement over the years at Screams. There are far more actors than in the old days, and the quality of acting has improved dramatically over the last few seasons. Each attraction has wonderful actors, but I think that the Zombie Wasteland actors have to singled out since they have the difficult job of scaring people who are frequently in a long, almost continuous line. Peril Point actors do a great job of blending in with their surroundings, and know how to get close to you while your vision is partially blocked by the 3D glasses. Castle actors makes good use of the many hidden doors and cut outs, while the Hotel actors do the best job of targeting frightened guests. The Maze actors do their best to keep you from finding the way out, and they get in their share of scares too. 2016 is the best year ever for the cast at Screams. 
You’ll be startled quite a few times at Screams, and it does have some pretty frightening areas (mostly in the Castle of the Doomed and the Hotel of Horror) but this is a more family friendly attraction than some haunts. All but your youngest kids can go through the attractions at Screams, have a good time, and not have nightmares for weeks afterward. 
All attractions are well decorated, with the Zombie Wasteland and Castle having the best props. The Castle is extremely well decorated, especially it’s lower level, but the laser/fog produced water illusion in Peril Point is the single best effect at Screams. I like the way the Hotel is set up. It feels like something out of an early 80′s horror movie and the style is consistent throughout the haunt. Peril Point has good 3D paint and props, and the pirate theme is a nice change from the usual clowns in funhouses. The Zombie Wasteland has some of the best decorations and props I’ve seen outside of Verdun Manor at Thrillvania, and CarnEvil is very well decorated for a maze. 
Screams is one of my favorite places to visit each year in large part because it has the best setting for a haunt park that I’ve seen, and the combination of ren faire buildings and haunted houses is unique. This is the largest haunted theme park that I’ve been to, and it can be a lot of fun to go to even without going into the attractions, which I’ve done a couple of times at the end of the season while not reviewing. I do miss the outdoor horror movies that were shown for a couple of years, but there is a great Halloween carnival atmosphere at Screams, which is enhanced by the merchants, in their well decorated shops, and by the games and rides. It’s easy to spend a full evening here, especially in cool weather, largely because the park itself is so much fun. 
The general admission price has gone up a little over the years, but at $30 for five attractions, all you can enter, Screams is still the best overall value in North Texas. The fast pass is also a fairly good bargain when you consider that it will allow you to go through each attraction multiple times, even if you take plenty of time to eat, drink, and look around at games and shops. You can spend a lot more, for much less entertainment, at most haunted attractions. Free parking is a nice bonus.

Other Activities/Entertainment (additional costs apply)

o   Food
o   Drink
o   Palm Readings, Psychic, Tarot Card Readings
o   Henna Tattoos
o   Games of Skill
o   Electric Chair attraction
o   Climbing Tower
o   Shop merchandise

J&F House of Terror Meets Slaughterhouse
October 1, 2016

Location 1855 Wall Street Suite B, Garland TX 75041. Refer to the site for directions.
Phone 972 278 7692
Price-General admission is $25, VIP is $40. Parking is free. See site for discounts.
Dates and hours of operation- October 7,8,14, and 15 from 7pm-1am, or until the line dies down. October 20 through Halloween, Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-1am, or until the line dies down, Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm-midnight or until the line dies down.

Slaughterhouse from Deep Ellum joins with J&F House of Terror this year to give you a  two for one haunted house in Garland, just north of LBJ, off of Garland Ave (Hwy 78). J&F sits in a very dark corner of an industrial area, which gives a creepy feel to it. At night the area is pretty much deserted and you can imagine that you might find industrial accident monsters running around.
The surprises begin as soon as you enter the house, with well placed props distracting you while actors jump out at just the right moment to shock you. The first half of the attraction features winding hallways, well decorated with neon paint in some parts. Placement of the actors is impressive since there were several times when they seemed to come out of nowhere.
An trail area follows the halls, featuring a stiltwalker, chainsaws, and natural terrain. The new J&F/Slaughterhouse combo reminds me of the old school haunted houses of the 80's and 90's, set in a dark part of the city, with an intense haunted house that takes you by surprise. The location is great and is easy to reach from any part of Dallas and it's suburbs.

Parker House
October 1, 2016

Location 8550 West University Dr Denton TX 76207
Phone 469 556 3475
Price-General Admission-$25, Fast Pass-$40
Walk through time-30-35 minutes
Hours-Open Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7:30pm-midnight, plus October 9,13,16,19,20,23,25,26,27 from 7:30pm-10pm, and October 30 and Halloween from 7pm-10pm.
Additional info-Wear comfortable shoes, this is a large attraction with uneven indoor and outdoor terrain. It's in the country, so dress warmly on cool nights. Drive slowly on 380 (West University) and look for the Parker House sign when you are 2 miles west of I-35. It's easy to miss, despite being lit. Refer to their site for detailed directions. Parking is free.

Parker House is a multi attraction haunt located in the country to the west of Denton. Everything about the place has the feel of an old, isolated country home, the kind of place you've seen in movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The area around Parker House is very dark, the buildings look creepy, and the mood is set on the trail from the ticket booth to the line for the first attraction. A host greets you at the head of the line and tells you the story of the Parker House while you wait. The groups are spaced out to allow everyone to fully enjoy themselves in the house, so on crowded nights you might want to consider buying a fast pass.
Once it's your turn to enter, you walk over a rickety bridge, then up to the house. The front of the house is worth taking a picture of, and it's equally impressive from a distance and up close. Even before entering you'll notice how much detail has gone into the haunt by looking over the front porch. It's so well done that you really feel like you're about to enter a horror movie set.
After going through the opening of the house, you'll enter a room where you'll sit and participate in a seance. It's an extremely well decorated room and the actress was good, so it was a nice kickoff for the house. After leaving the seance you will travel through halls filled with antiques and props, and some impressive animatronics. We took our time at this point since these halls had windows with some of best props and decorations I've seen since Verdun Manor. Every bit of this area is well decorated, so try to avoid rushing through, no matter how scared you are.
Eventually you'll enter a slaughterhouse, then a funeral parlor, the two are probably connected in the story. The actors are very active in this part of the house, so you'll be relieved to get outside for the beginning of a long trail between the main attractions. The trail itself looks great, it's complete with zombies and an old cabin, plus eerie woods. This is the best trail I've been on in years and is an attraction in it's own right.
After the trail you'll enter the Sanitarium, a large building filled with hospital and asylum props. There are some dark halls in this part of the haunt, plus elaborate scenes with the inmates and staff. I've never been a big fan of asylum haunts, but this one was so well done that I enjoyed it. Like the rest of Parker House, the Sanitarium is well decorated, in great detail, but the actors are the best part of the Sanitarium since longer scenes are necessary here.
Parker House offers a combo of beautifully decorated houses filled with top flight actors, and a great country haunt atmosphere. It's worth a trip to Denton and is a must see attraction for the 2016 season!

Hangman's House of Horrors

September 24th 2016

Score: 9

Location: 4400 Blue Mound Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: (817) 336-4264
Hours: September 16th through October 31st
7:30pm - 12am (open every Friday and Saturday night. Also open the Wednesday and Thursday before Halloween as well as Halloween Monday)
Price: $25 general admission or $35 for fast pass


The main attraction is a multi story large abandoned masonry building that

was formerly a helium production plant during the first world war. Yet in 2016, it contains grizzly ghouls in every room closing in to seal your doom. 

It would be frightening enough on its own, but the crew at Hangman's have turned it into a true terrorfest. You will encounter tunnels that spin, school rooms, a boiler room, meat locker, several mazes, a mad scientist crime scene lab, a funeral home, a room that is completely checkered on different fun house levels to disorient you as you walk through, and if you are scared of heights, the 3rd floor has see through scaffolding suspended high in the air against the building and you think you are going to fall over with the whole thing !

Outbreak is in an abandoned trailer park with post apocalyptic burned out vehicles, rotting meat, devastated toilets, and trailer inhabitants sure to give you a run down.

The No Place Like Home 3D attraction winds you through a twisting trail of bright 3D colors and elaborately painted scenes. You will see many characters from your favorite stories along the way, it's just that there is something miscreant and sinister about these characters that will give you that foreboding feeling in the pit of your stomach.   

Tayman Graveyard
September 23th 2016
Score: 8

Location: 4721 Cecilia Avenue, Midlothian Texas
Phone: (
Hours: September 16th through October 30th

8pm - 11pm Sept 16, 17, 23, 24, 30. Oct 1, 7, 8, 16, 23, 30

8pm - 12am Oct 14, 15, 21, 22

8pm - 1am Oct 28, 29
Price: $20 to $25 per person (discounts available certain nights with a donation of 2 cans of food)

Tayman is conveniently located 20 minutes south of downtown Dallas, yet is in a rural setting. Upon entering the grounds you feel as if you are walking into an old ghost town with several attractions all near by.
The Funeral Home is a winding maze of funeral staff tearing toward you as they are in agony. The floors creek as you make your way through and see many rooms that contain crevices in which ghosts and spooks hide.

The abandoned mine shaft lets you find your way through a series of walls as you try to escape the children of the mine workers who were left to die after their parents had perished many years prior. You are given a lantern to find your way, but it is dim and just bright enough to make out the outlines of ghouls before they are upon you!

Fappy the Clown's Theatre of Wonders
The Dark Carnival has returned and brought back it's star attraction, Fappy the Clown's Theatre of Wonders. Prepare yourself for a unique 3D experience that takes place in a town assembly hall on Tayman Main Street. Carnival performers, side show oddities, and danger all lurk within the walls of this late 1800's building.
Gravedigger's Hollow - Hallowed Grounds (Opens September 30th)

The Hollow is the final resting place of town inhabitants unfortunate enough to have lacked the funds for a proper burial. Rumored to be the prime shopping grounds for Barnaby Tayman's cruel experiments to reanimate the dead, the hollow is full of restless souls that can't wait to get their hands on you! Gravedigger's Hollow is an outdoor attraction, and as such it will be open as weather permits. Now expanded, Gravedigger's Hollow - Hallowed Grounds takes you even further into the woods and delves deeper into the legends surrounding the town of Tayman.

Standoff (opens September 30th)
The house is surrounded by the walking dead, supplies are running low, you only have a few bullets left, and you can feel the inevitable death creeping closer. Can you hold off the horde long enough to regain your sanity and possibly escape? Test your skill shooting your way to safety in this new attraction of 2016.

October 18th 2015

Location: 501 E. Swisher Rd. Lake Dallas, Texas 75065
Phone: 972-821-9154
Hours: October 23, 24, 30, 31st and November 1st 8pm until 11pm

Price: $20 per person

Dan’s Haunted House has NO CLOWNS, NO ZOMBIES, NO CHAINSAWS, and no BS. It is a truly unique haunted house and I guarantee it will be different than any you
have even been to. First, its all out doors. Second, its all based on Japanese
horror folklore.

Built on several acres that is located in a dense flood plain, Dan’s haunt leads
you through trails upon trails of endless outdoor terror giving you that
Blair Witch stuck in the woods feeling. A few parts of the haunt have trail exits as
it is sometimes too scary for really young children, three of which had to be
lead out by there parents crying.

The thing I like about this haunt was its creative use of outdoor materials and costumes to create this haunted woods environment. If you have ever seen Halloween costumes from 1910s then you have an idea of the creepy eerie factor you will expect from these home spun creations from Japanese folklore.

The walk through time is 25 minutes on suspenseful twisting turning trails leading you into each new small village of baleful wonderment and terror. The characters
are miscreant in nature and unlike other haunts, feel free to run in this out door
labyrinth of strange and ominous apparitions !

October 18th 2015

Location: 1701 E. Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth TX 76102. At I-30 and I-35W.
Phone: 817 348 8444

Hours: October 22nd through 31st. 8pm-10pm 22, 25, 26, 27, 28,29 then until 1am on the 30th and 31st

Price: Adult regular admission-$30+tax. Adult speed pass-$50+tax. 10 and under regular admission-$25 plus tax. 10 and under speed pass-$45+tax. Parking is $10. Credit cards online, cash at the door. A combo ticket with Thrillvania is also available. Check either the Cutting Edge or Thrillvania site for details.

Discounts: Go to the Cutting Edge site to have a coupon emailed to you. Group discounts are available for groups of 15 or more at 15% off regular admission tickets. Group discounts are also available for speed passes, check the site for prices. Book group discount tickets on the Cutting Edge site. Group discounts are not available for October 19,20,26,27 or Halloween.

Walk through time: 45-60 minutes.

Cutting Edge is not joking about being the world’s longest haunted house. It takes around 45 minutes to go through. Expect to go up and down stairs with dark areas. There is a soapy bubble hallway, so make sure that you wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind being soaked in bubble bath. You are able to by pass this part of the haunt if you don’t want to get wet. The temperature on warm nights is hot inside Cutting Edge. Pee before you go in to avoid a full bladder while being scared pissless. Lines are long, so arrive early to avoid this, but its well worth the wait.


Cutting Edge has one of the largest budgets and amount of actors that I have ever seen. They have an entire inner section of the building just dedicated to props and wardrobes alone. Its the way Walt Disney would run Disney Land if he were into the macabre. The haunt opens with several tunnels driving you indifferent directions. Actors begin coming at you here in a mist filled land of toxic waste decor and jumping out to you from all sides. There is a haunted closet of clothes, and and haunted jungle from Vietnam that had the best sound effects of machine guns and dinosaurs. The actors get as close to you as possible without touching, and the lighting and clothes keep you from being able to see them. This year had what seemed to be more animatronics than last year, which were on point to the best timing.

Halls and rooms are heavily fogged but they do have intermission rooms in the haunt to prevent groups from going through the house squished together. I have never seen this before, but its a great idea because each intermission room has a live show to watch for about 3 minutes until you continue your journey again.

The cemetery looks and smells like a southern witches graveyard with decor similar to the graveyard from the movie Interview with the Vampire and was my favorite scene in the haunt. The vegetation becomes thicker toward the end of the cemetery as you pass into the swamps and some of the dinosaurs come out into the trail and can bump into you.

There is a large Maze in the middle of the haunt that you have 5 minutes to try to get out of. To date, I have never made my way out. After the maze, there is even more haunt with demonic redneck themes complete with cannibals and old wooden structures.

This haunt just goes on and on without ending. So depending on how fast you and the people in front of you move,it could take upwards of an hour to get through. You get a LOT of bang for your buck on this attraction, so be sure to make a night of it and bring your favorite friends. There is even a large screen with music videos to watch while you are in line, it really has the theme of an event and not just a haunted house!


October 13th 2015
Score; 9.5
2602 Mayfield Road, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
Open Until Nov 2nd
(469) 540-8888
Oct 14th through 17th
Oct 19th through 24th
Oct 26th through 31st
Week Nights are 7:30pm until 10:30pm
Weekends are 7:30pm until Midnight
$29.95 General Admission one attraction
$40.00 General Admission Both Attractions
$49.95 VIP Admission one attraction
$60.00 VIP Admission both attractions
Parking: $5
Walk through time:
25 minutes on Haunted Circus and 10 minutes on Zombie Paintball Hunt


Strangling Brothers is a very different type of haunted attraction. Instead of a traditional haunted house, you go through a big top tent and truck trailers, each with it’s own scenes and actors. each trailer has a unique scene and dedicated actors. The trailers are separated by outdoor areas with scenes of their own. The actors, inside and outside, are well hidden and are great at surprising customers. Strangling Brothers is an extremely well run attraction. All of it’s props and animatronics work perfectly, and it’s very clean, no dust or dirt, which is great if you have allergies. As with any haunted attraction, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Strangling Brothers is a large place and some of it is uneven ground. Enough of it is outside so that you should wear warm clothing on cooler nights.

The experience begins under the big top with a carnie show and dancers as you wait in line to enter the main attraction.

After leaving the big top, you’ll enter the main part of the haunt, where you’ll be greeted by darkness, plenty of air guns, and lots of clowns. The areas between the trailers are filled with lots of buildings, props, and actors. A few of the trailers are set to ascend and descend like hills, which is pretty cool, especially for an attraction not set in the country. Since this is a haunted circus themed attraction, clowns play the largest role, but there are a variety of creatures to be found along the way. This haunt has a surprising number of big ticket animatronics and effects, including a spinning vortex tunnel that rocks back and forth. The spinning animatronics were outstanding.

Variety is one of the best things about Strangling Brothers. Some areas are completely blacked out, others are filled with fog, strobe lights and lasers, and other areas look rustic. Glow in the dark paint is used well and helps to set the mood for some of the scenes. Going outside between trailers provides a nice change of pace, and actors make sure that the space isn’t wasted. There are long trails that will satisfy people who want a haunted park experience, and they are of comparable quality to trails at some of the larger outdoor attractions in the area. Great fog and strobe filled areas infested with clowns were a favorite. Multiple cage mazes provide an interesting alternative to standard sheet mazes. The “oddities” trailer has Ripley’s style displays of freaks, while another trailer has a cannibal kitchen. There are several clown areas, a clown bus, a clown morgue, and a clown circus. Funhouses, graveyards, zombies, and mad scientists round out the main attraction.

A second attraction, Zombie Paintball Hunt, is set up like a gun range, props include abandoned old cars and scrap metal to form a post apocalyptic stage around which zombies roam as you shoot them with your paint ball gun.

Although Strangling Brothers is a large attraction, there are enough actors to go around, and they make good use of the many hiding places afforded by the unusual structure of the place. The actors had their timing down well, and they always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. You don’t have to worry about Strangling Brothers becoming stale over the years because it is in a new location, with new scenes, each year. This is a true travelling haunted circus, and is one of the best haunted attractions in Texas.


October 10th 2015
Thrillvania Haunted House Park
2330 County Road 138
Terrell TX 75161
Open weekends (2015 hours of operation not available on website).  Ticket prices $29.95 adult and $14.95 child — add $10 for speed pass (2015 prices not available on website).
Combined walkthrough 35 minutes
Located 33 miles east of Dallas is Thrillvania Haunted House Park.  The brain child of Lance Pope, Verdun Manor/Verdun Manor has been a leading Dallas’ area haunt for decades.  Since its early conception in Forney this Southern-style mansion has grown from a single prop filled building to a full park of thrills and chills!
The main attraction is the world famous Verdun Manor.  First take a haunted stroll through the Voodoo Bayou and old graveyard — watch out for any huge dragon that may be lurking around.  After that is Baron Verdun’s mansion!  This two story haunted house is packed floor to ceiling with props and live spooks around every turn.  The house features everything from the traditional, to a working laboratory, to torture chambers and bone scraping caverns.  If you escape, there’s more!
Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror 3D is a mind-blowing psychedelic maze of demented clowns!  That’s what you can expect once you put on the 3D spectrum glasses and enter this techno trip.  Loaded with fluorescent effects and a dimension twisting tunnel you will find the Baron wasn’t “clowning around” when his experiments got a little crazy.  That’s right, it’s LOADED with clowns!
The park also offers concessions and a magic show with two performances.  Its a good break until the final scare.
Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment is like getting caught in a back woods horror movie that you may not escape from.  The trail meanders through several out buildings where some bad things have been happening — be careful that you’re not next.  Also, keep an eye out for the creatures that made Verdun legendary, werewolves.
 Verdun Manor on its own is with a trip to Thrillvania.  If you want to experience a variety of haunts in one stop then Thrillvania is the way to do so.
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